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Clinica Social Semear

There is no pain that lasts forever, after the rain comes the sun.” Milton Erickson

Clinica Social Semear was born from the master's degree of Psychologist and Hypnotherapist Regina Nohra, in Mexico, when she promised herself “to take therapy out of the offices and make it available to low-income people”.

The Social Clinic offers a safe and welcoming place, with the aim of helping to work on emotional, behavioral, relationship and family issues, as well as depression, panic, anxiety, among others.

“Everyone needs to grow, know their limitations and learn to use their internal resources to transform difficulties into life facilities for a fuller and healthier life”, says Nohra.

Services can be provided online or in person (in the office) through:

– Therapeutic Support Group, for 1 and a half hours, with a maximum of 10 participants.
– Individual service, lasting 50 minutes.

How to participate?

Our services are initially scheduled for March 2022.

In order for you to benefit from the Semear Social Clinic , you must first complete the online registration questionnaire, which will soon be included here.

Then, wait to be contacted to schedule and carry out a preliminary interview where your doubts can also be clarified. You will need a computer, cell phone or tablet, a good internet connection and a quiet space to talk to us on the agreed day and time.

As Milton Erickson states...
“Life treats pain by itself. Your responsibility is to create happiness.”

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