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Growth Group

The Growth Group is preventive work, because, through a life review, the participant can resolve emotional content, transforming the difficulties that prevent them from being well. The method used is natural hypnosis, an amplified state of consciousness using Ericksonian techniques that allow learning to access internal resources to resolve everything that hinders the individual's healthy growth.

Even though it is not a therapy group, the results are therapeutic, as they promote significant changes in behavior. Hypnotic trance allows the participant to access different levels of consciousness, getting in touch with their inner world and facilitating the perception of a new understanding of life, contributing to changes in old patterns.

According to Erickson, all of life's learning and experiences are recorded in the brain. Today, through scientific research, it is known that the morphogenetic field (which generates standard forms that are transmitted *) records all life experiences, mine, yours, those of all humanity, animals, plants, of the complete universe.

* If I have an act of love and you have an act of love, this registers as a new pattern. All similar patterns will reinforce it, until the moment comes when this pattern is so strong that it influences other humans, influences other children, new generations and the entire universe.

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The Growth Group helps people recognize their limiting beliefs, resolve blocked emotions and undigested feelings, untying knots that hinder healthy growth and well-being, collaborating in the construction of their own reality.

The Group can be developed by psychologists, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists and coaches, with experience in natural hypnosis and Ericksonian techniques as well as training in a Growth Group. It can be carried out in offices, clinics, schools, companies and other institutions, adapting to their peculiarities.

The Growth Group lasts up to 3 months with 10 meetings, once a week, lasting two hours for each meeting, with the first and last referring to individual interviews. If the participant, during the meetings, wishes to have a private session, they can schedule it with the Group coordinator who will refer them to a therapist on the team.

General objectives?

  • Lead participants to access internal resources, through Ericksonian techniques within natural hypnosis;

  • Basically work on the right hemisphere of the brain (intuition, emotion, feelings, symbols and images) so that together with the left (words, ideas, reason, logic and mathematics) they can recognize a new way of interacting with greater neuronal plasticity.

  • Although each person is unique, the Growth Group uses universal themes, helping with emotional issues, personal crises, emotional, family and professional problems.


The Growth Group helps solve problems in:

  • Depression

  • Pain management

  • Immune diseases

  • Low self-esteem

  • Sleep disorder and insomnia

  • Fear, anxiety, phobia, panic

  • Overweight, smoking, alcoholism

  • Stress and post-traumatic stress

  • And others...


What will you learn in the Growth Group?

  • Feel and deal with your emotions and feelings.

  • Experience exercises in amplified states of consciousness to acquire changes in attitudes
    and behaviors.

  • Digest the emotions that create difficulties in relationships.

  • Become aware of who I am and who I think I am.

  • Become aware that the body, sexuality and emotions are parts of us and develop a harmonious relationship between them.

  • Demystify the culture of suffering in which we grew up, believing that we can be well and
    enjoy what life offers us.


It uses natural hypnosis, where the participant does not lose consciousness and remains
awake, participating in the entire process, however, in a different way. Through the exercises,
you can use words that prepare you for the process of change, such as: enjoying , learning, as
well as the protective words: quietly, protectedly, healthily, lovingly, comfortably and

Who is the Growth Group for?

For all people who want to work on their personal, social, professional and family relationships, as well as self-knowledge.

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“I am infinitely grateful to Regina Nohra who [...] is an enterprising woman, professional in her work, intelligent and who is not satisfied with just repeating what already exists... Since she began developing the Growth Group, she has systematically evaluated its results, establishing a protocol application that complements it, creates new exercises, enriching it and making it grow. I witnessed all the efforts she made to systematize each meeting and work on it to be more effective.”

– Teresa Robles

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