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Hypnosis, Singularity and Breastfeeding Difficulties: A Clinical Study (part III)

Updated: Feb 17

Maurício da Silva Neubern. Part III



The third hypnotic axis occurred at the end of the session and was of great importance, not only because of the redefinitions it provided, but also because of the dynamics of the conversation. Maria Luíza alternated between moments of deep and light trance and, for a few moments, she showed that she was talking consciously, with her eyes open, but showing typical signs of trance (Erickson, 1952).

  • P - "And, at this point, perhaps you can think back to your childhood. I'm wondering what you liked to do when you were growing up... what your games were like, what you did to have fun, what your programs were... and how you felt about it... because when children have fun, they enter a world that is their own, and stories, characters, scripts, beings emerge... and from the outside we can't understand much... but she knows what's going on... and the adults may look on, but they're the ones who understand what's going on..." When asked to describe what she saw, Maria Luíza replied - "I see my grandmother... I'm in her house..." P - "You see your grandmother, you're in her house... what's that like for you?" ML - "It's very good. I love going there. She sits in the rocking chair and sleeps. And I get to play next to her. It's great. I know she's there..." P - "And where do you feel this in your body?" ML - "Here, in the chest, in the belly too. " P- "Okay. Leave this energy there, working on you, make good use of it..."

  • After a while, Maria Luíza opened her eyes and began to cry. She said: "This is all very difficult. I don't think I'm a good mother..." P - "Nobody is ready to be a parent. It's the children who make us ready for it. And I think you're learning very well." ML - "No, I don't know how to look after my own son. He cries and I get annoyed... a good mother doesn't act like that." P - "Do you remember your grandmother? She had a different way of caring, didn't she? She didn't talk much, but she was there by your side. And how effective that was. It worked very well for you, because you knew you could count on her, that she was looking out for you. "ML - "That's right... she stayed there and gave me a lot of reassurance..." P - "What would she say to you today?" ML - "I don't know, but if she were here, she wouldn't put pressure on me. Just her presence would give me security. " P - "That's very good. And you know you have something else important. You know how to look at your child, you know how to observe him." ML - "What do you mean?" P - "You're the one who said you discovered that if you started bathing him by his feet, he wouldn't start screaming and would stay calm. How could you figure that out? That's the stuff of a good mother. You're doing very well in your apprenticeship. Keep looking at him and let the others say what they want. You'll filter it out. Look at him... And there's a homework assignment. Do you accept?" ML - "Yes, what is it?" P - "Take a photo of your grandmother and always carry it in your bag. Look at it every day and whenever you feel the need. I think it will help you a lot." About the author:

  • Psychologist (UnB/1995)

  • Master in Psychology (1999/UnB)

  • PhD in Psychology (UnB/2003), with a sandwich internship at the Université Paris VII (2001/2002-Capes).

  • Therapist - Ericksonian Therapy and Hypnosis (Milton Erickson Institute in Paris, 2001/2002 and Milton Erickson Institute in Belo Horizonte, 2005)

  • Master Certificate (Belo Horizonte and Milton Erickson Foundation, 2007)

  • Post-Doctorate (Senior Internship): Center Edgar Morin (CEM), École des Hautes

  • Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Capes 2015/2016. 2009 article.


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