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Is Time Just an Illusion?

Created by Mario Jorge of My Big TOE Brasil.

Is time just an illusion? Or perhaps it's just a local phenomenon, occurring only in this reality? Or, as some suggest, has everything that could happen already happened? Could it perhaps be the case that everything happens at the same time?

We know from experience that time is a relative quantity. If we're having a root canal in the dentist's chair, a few minutes can seem like hours. On the other hand, if we're having fun in good company, the hours pass as if they were minutes.

Tom Campbell, in his research over forty years, discovered that TIME is a fundamental quantity at ANY level of reality. Necessarily, it was one of the first creations of the Source or Greater System of Consciousness, from which everything comes. All this is covered in detail in his trilogy of books My Big TOE.

We'll summarize and simplify a bit here, so as not to write another book about it. You can also watch our other videos on YouTube or Instagram to understand a little more about these ideas about how reality works.

Our Reality Is Virtual

Yes, our reality is constructed virtually, digitally and based on Consciousness. The latter is the SOURCE of everything, and being digital it deals with information, generated by combining zeros and ones, just like a computer, cell phone or TV.

What we perceive on our "three-dimensional holographic screen" is a sequence of still images generated by the Source, sent to us in a personalized flow of information, which we interpret in our senses by its speed of passage, as being "real movement" of what is happening to us.

Source Consciousness can do this in a similar way to what we do in a program running on a computer or video game.

What Is a Computer Program?

For those who don't know, a program, as shown in the image in the article, is a numbered sequence of instructions written in a language, formatted to be understood by the computer's base system, which it follows from start to finish.

When it reaches the end of the program, there is an instruction line that sends the processor to the first instruction in the list, and the process starts again. The computer follows all the instructions again, going through them one by one and answering those that are valid.

This is repeated in an infinite loop, unless it is interrupted by some specific event, such as execution being suspended by the operator, the computer being switched off or some specific instruction being left for it. The computer doesn't improvise, it just follows the instructions given.

This sequence is called a loop or programming circuit. In terms of processing speed, the time it takes for the computer to complete such a sequence is called the system's clock or time cycle. This is usually much less than a second.

How are the images in each frame of the movie constructed?

Each image that is generated by this program goes onto the computer or video game screen, and is replaced by a new image, built by these programmed instructions, at each new cycle or loop of the program.

This elapsed time interval, which Tom in the books calls delta-t, is the minimum time interval or maximum speed of anything that can happen in this system, game, program, simulation or reality being generated.

Our sense of movement comes from the pixels on and off the screen, those little colored dots of light, building up successive images with each interval of time, or program loop.

Everything happens, in our holographic reality or on the flat screen of a video game, exactly as in this example. It's no different from the way we seem to see movement in a movie on the silver screen. A rapid exchange of still image frames, faster than we can perceive, generates the sensation of movement.

This Is How Our Perception of Reality Is Built

Our perception, as it were, passes through the three-dimensional frames sequenced in the personalized flow of information that our Consciousness receives. The speed at which the screen provided to us by Source Consciousness is updated is far greater than any computer we've ever created.

The time it takes for the images to change is much, much shorter than 1 second. There's no way to perceive granularity or small jumps in this flow or sequence. It's just The Source. The Origin.

This is how time is constructed by the source, particular and adjusted for each reality, according to the clock speed of its own program. And what is the evidence for this? The constant speed of light, as discovered by Einstein, is one of the greatest pieces of evidence.

Einstein discovered that there was a maximum speed ceiling in our reality: the speed of light, or 300,000 kilometers per second. That's a lot, but it is a ceiling or limit. And this ceiling occurs because nothing can move faster than the clock speed, or loop, of the program that creates Local Reality.

Einstein already knew about the limit, as a conclusion of his equations of Relativity, but he never discovered the reason for this barrier. Of course, at his time there were no computers or computer science as we know it today. Nor were there video games or simulations like we have now.

So he really had no way of understanding it, there were no tools, it wasn't the right time yet.

A Cycle Time is fundamental and specific to each reality

Time is Fundamental in every reality thus generated... and there are many of them, on many levels, as Tom notes and explains in his books and videos. Some realities are nested in groups within others, at a higher or more subtle level.

All realities created by Source are virtual. They are created with the constructive material available to the Source Consciousness, which is Information. All these realities have their own clock, each at its own pace, but all moving forward. This is a prerequisite for the functioning of a program and, therefore, of any virtual reality created in this way.

For realities that are on different levels, one inside the other, the cycle time of the higher reality is always shorter or faster than those that are inside or on a lower level.

A simple example to understand the different speeds of experience at different levels of reality are dreams. No matter how long the story you experience in a dream may seem, when you wake up, you realize that only a few minutes have passed. But time always moves forward, it never stops or goes backwards, even for The Source. In fact, The Source's time is the shortest or fastest interval of all.

Where Can the Idea That Everything Has Already Happened Come From?

The notion that "everything has already happened" or that "everything happens at the same time", that "time is an illusion", or that "in other places there is no time" could be coming from a few possible sources:

- the dogma or belief of the person claiming this is that The Source has access to and knows the entire future.

- the dogma could also be that there is no free will, as in deterministic materialist science, and therefore everything is already defined.

- the person with this perception may have accessed the "system database", the "ocean of all possibilities" or even known to some as the "akashic records", seen all the possibilities that are already there, and misinterpreted this as having already happened or happening at the same time.

I'm going to go into more detail about the latter because it seems the most plausible to me, not least because those who have reached some degree of enlightenment, and are supposed to have accessed this information, may have interpreted it wrongly and not out of bad faith. This seems quite plausible to me.

All past and future possibilities are available in the Database of the Greater System of Consciousness

In the third book of the My Big TOE trilogy, Tom details the mechanics of how reality works, and I'm going to explain some of this briefly here, so that you can understand the third possibility I've listed.

Possibility is anything that can happen, for example if we toss a coin, when it lands it can only show one of two sides, heads or tails. If we throw a dice with six sides, we have six possible outcomes.

Probability is how much chance there is, statistically, of the same coin landing with one side up or the other. In the case of the coin, the probabilities are equal, with a 50% chance for each side. In other words, if we repeat the process a thousand times, we'll probably get 500 heads and 500 tails. With a dice we have a one-sixth chance of each side coming up.

Given that the LCS or Fundamental Consciousness has access to the history of all of us, of everything that has happened since forever up until here and now, it is fully capable of calculating all the possibilities of choices we will have in the next moment, and what we are likely to choose from among those possibilities.

The Source calculates all this, for the next moment, for the next... and for millions of others to follow. This covers the very distant future. The Source maintains this database because, among other things, it makes it easier to send the personalized information flow (which we described above), so that we can perceive our reality, moment by moment, as if it were continuous, like a live movie.

The Source is a VERY POWERFUL Consciousness, it can calculate all of this and it has space in its "database" to store everything. It stores not only future possibilities, but also all those choices that were calculated for situations in the past, both those that happened and all the others that were calculated but not chosen by us.

Imagine someone having access to this database, sequences of holographic photos forming movies of all possible realities, past, present or future, which are still just possibilities, pending our free will choices. Anyone who sees this, even in motion if they so choose, could easily think: that everything has already happened, or that everything is already defined, or that everything seems to happen at the same time. That would be an easily understandable mistake.

Summarizing Where We Are

- time is not an illusion, even though it can be perceived differently and relatively;

- whether reality is digital, virtual or under programming, they all have time and it always moves forward;

- the rates of advance or speed can and are different in each reality;

- time in each reality moves forward according to the program clock or cycle time;

- consciousness, Fundamental or ours, evolves and this only happens with the passage of time;

- measuring time was a fundamental creation of the Source, to organize everything it experiences;

- free will is evidence that everything is not yet defined, that we can choose.

- the incomplete perception of the mechanism of operation must be what led to the error in interpretations.

I hope that this material will help you to gain a better understanding of Time, and also of the possible source of misinterpretation.

I remind you that I have no intention of convincing anyone of your beliefs. I just hope that this material sheds some light and is useful for reflection and the possible expansion of your consciousness, which is ultimately the main goal of Tom's research.

Por favor deixe seus comentários, apreciação ou dúvidas aqui abaixo.


This material was prepared by Mario Jorge Santos, from My Big TOE Brasil, to disseminate Tom Campbell's ideas presented in his trilogy of books, available here.


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