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My Grand Theory of Everything - Thomas Campbell

If you have a logical, open and questioning mind, an attitude of scientific pragmatism that appreciates the elegance of fundamental truth and the thrill of radical advancement, you will enjoy this journey of scientific and personal discovery.

"My Big TOE (MBT) - Theory of Everything" is a trilogy of books written by Tom Campbell (basically a work in Metaphysics) and is designed to present ideas that lead to a Bigger Picture and a paradigm shift, by answering many of the existing (and unanswered) questions in science today.

My Big TOE is conceived as a work of science, consistent with the scientific principles of discovery and exploration of new knowledge, but presented in a way that is totally accessible to the general reader and without mathematical or specialized prerequisites in basic science knowledge.

My Big TOE is founded on the knowledge that all of our reality as we experience it is based on Consciousness and that we exist in a subjective, non-physical reality rather than an objective, physical reality. This strongly challenges the "belief traps" held by mainstream Western science when it treats our world as a Virtual Reality rather than as an external, physical, objective reality.

My Big TOE extends the concept to include the existence of multiple frames of Virtual Realities within which we exist simultaneously. It highlights that our Physical Matter Reality (PMR) is nothing more than a set of constraints defined by laws of physics that "limit the information" we receive and interpret as physical. This Theory of Everything also allows an understanding, as a model, of the Larger Conciousness System (LCS) within which everything exists and is the fundamental basis of our Reality.

Essentially, this new Paradigm makes those concepts and experiences considered to be Paranormal or Psi-based understandable as normal, within this Bigger Picture understanding. This includes experiences such as the Placebo Effect, Quantum Entanglement, Precognition, Out Of the Body Experiences (OOBE), Near Death Experiences (NDE), After Death Communications (ADC) and even aspects of dreams, particularly Lucid Dreams.

This paradigm shift has recently gained wider acceptance in the area of Digital Physics and Quantum Mechanics which has been raising questions about the fundamental basis of physical reality and the role of Consciousness within it for the last 100 years or so. It proposes a better model with which to explain quantum physics and reality which is analogous to expanding the Planet Model from "Flat Earth" to "Round Earth".

Tom Campbell is the most forthright figure in this movement in presenting his Theory of Everything into which the development of these ideas fits. He currently presents his work through many interviews and presentations available to view on the associated websites listed on his main site (, as well as on some links on this site itself and on Youtube.

Tom Campbell's books are available in Portuguese for direct sale right here (in the Buy the Book tab, above and to the left), and in English through the American website (, as well as by order from the main American bookstores (Amazon, for example).

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