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Psychosomatic Gynecology? (video)


Today I want to reflect on a video I watched, one of several, by Dr. Osmar Colás. Dr Osmar Colás is a gynaecologist (psychosomatics), cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, president of the Osmar Colás Institute, specializing in medical care, health consultancy and teaching, including hypnosis and cognitive-behavioural therapies. President of the Brazilian Hypnosis Association. He explains psychosomatic gynecology and the influence of our psyche, our emotional state, on gynecological symptoms in our body. Psychosomatic gynecology, according to Dr. Osmar, identifies gynecological problems and sexual dysfunctions that are much more frequent than we might think.

According to him, anxiety is the great villain of sexual dysfunction in men and women, such as loss of sexual desire, loss of erection, among other symptoms. These states of anxiety can and should be treated and he chooses the technique of clinical hypnosis or hypniatry (which is hypnosis performed by doctors). This once again gives hypnosis credence as a treatment resource for various situations, highlighting its importance even in the integrative practices of the SUS (PICs). Professional health councils recognize hypnosis as a complementary practice with a positive effect.

When professionals with the weight of Dr. Colás evaluate hypnosis as an integrative treatment, we can welcome it, reflect on it and use it.

Watch Dr. Osmar Colás' video:


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