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Haste is the enemy of true conquests

Today I bring you a reflection inspired by Tadashi Kadomoto's book, "My Book of Conscience".

Calmness is a virtue that is often forgotten in our fast-paced society. We live in a world where speed is valued, where we are constantly under pressure to do more, to be more, to achieve more.

"Haste is the enemy of true achievement.

Modern man often wants a better way, a faster way, an easier way and, if possible, a cheaper way.

These words from the Dalai Lama are a critical analysis of how beings are emergent, and how we always want it easier.

However, the evolutionary process requires self-knowledge, humility and internal diving.

We need to change our expectations in order to expand our consciousness and prepare ourselves for a path that isn't so smooth.

You have a lot of strength inside you that you don't use; when you access it, you will obtain benefits that may come more slowly, but they will be definitive and consistent."

Some things in life simply cannot be rushed. They require time and wisdom. Just as a seed needs time to germinate and grow, our goals and dreams also need time to develop. Wisdom comes with experience and experience comes with time. It is therefore essential to develop calmness.

Developing calmness doesn't mean being passive or complacent. It means having the patience to allow things to happen at their own pace. It means having the wisdom to know when to act and when to wait. It means having the courage to face life's challenges with serenity and confidence.

When you feel pressured by time or the expectations of others, remember: haste is the enemy of perfection. Develop calm, give time and allow wisdom to come with experience. You may discover that things have a way of working themselves out when you give them the time and space they need to grow.


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