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Prayer, Science and Health

Dr. Newton Miguel Moraes Richa - Occupational Physician. Article taken from Jornal Revista - Caderno Revista, June 2023.

In their book "Paths of Healing", Dr. Francisco Di Biase and Mário Sérgio F. da Rocha discuss the enrichment of life with prayers, meditations, visualizations and other ancient practices of relaxation and well-being, based on modern science. The authors reveal how the union between modern science and spiritual traditions leads to an understanding of the mechanisms by which such practices can stimulate the mind and body to harmonize with the self-organizing intelligence of the Universe, favouring healing and well-being.

This article discusses the beneficial effects of prayer, confirmed by scientific studies. In the mid-1980s, at San Francisco General Hospital in California, USA, Dr. Randy Bird randomly selected 393 patients admitted to the Coronary Unit, divided into 2 groups comparable in terms of age and severity of illness. A group of 192 patients received daily prayers from a group of volunteers from different religions. The patients did not know about the study and the volunteers did not know the patients. Each volunteer prayed for several patients and each patient had 5 to 7 volunteers praying for them.

The remaining group of 201 patients did not receive prayers. After 10 months, the study showed surprising results. The group of 192 patients who received prayers had a clinical evolution with far fewer complications than the control group who did not receive prayers: only 3 patients needed antibiotics, compared to 16 in the control group; only 6 patients had pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) compared to 18 patients in the control group; and no patient needed artificial respiration, while 12 patients in the control group needed this type of treatment. The results were presented at the American Medical Association in Miami (USA), with great repercussions in international scientific circles. Other scientific studies confirming the beneficial effects of prayer are presented in the book.

Since ancient times, healers, therapists and doctors have emphasized the healing effects of faith, hopeful expectation of healing, optimism, joie de vivre, positive thoughts and inner peace.

Recent research into body-mind interaction and the development of Psychoneuroimmunology, Psychosomatic Medicine, Neurosciences and Transpersonal Psychology show that the union of Western technology with the potential for self-organization and inner healing can promote spectacular results in human health.

The book "Caminhos da Cura" (Healing Paths) addresses the paradigmatic transition underway in the third millennium with simplicity and lucidity, backed up by solid scientific bibliography and consistent professional practices, with the aim of evolving towards the quantum evolutionary leap, where knowledge will reconnect with wisdom, solidarity and love, with immense benefits for people. Practitioners of Meditation and Tai Chi Chuan, the authors have been promoting meetings and courses in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro since the early 1990s to disseminate a new therapeutic model based on quantum/informational processes.

  • Francisco Di Biase - Culture of Health


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