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The practice of breathing as self-care

It's not often talked about, but in order to take care of others, you first have to take care of yourself. Of course, we're not always willing to do this, because to a greater or lesser degree, everyone has difficulties, limitations and facilities.

But in those moments, we can access a free resource that is already at our fingertips, called deep breathing.

You can access it now, for example:

Inhale deeply through your nose for five seconds, hold your breath for a second and slowly release all the air through your nose, counting to five. Repeat this exercise several times and you'll feel calmer.

So even when you're on the run and need to meet a demand, stop for a few seconds and breathe deeply, get in touch with your breath and connect with yourself and repeat this process as many times as necessary.

There's an excerpt from a book called: I distill melanin and honey by Upile Chisala that goes like this:

"If no one has called you brave lately, I will. You're fighting sadness with everything you've got and that's why you're powerful".

Think about it, and practice self-care before taking care of others.


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